I'll Count on You

by Yes, Leeward

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Yes, Leeward's debut record

Sam Dickerson - Acoustic/Lead Vocals
Donald Wynn - Bass
Scott Jackson - Drums
Christian Stuart - Lead Electric


released February 28, 2015

Recorded at Street Sounds in Dayton, Ohio.
Artwork by Alexis VanFleet
Mastered by William Duritsch



all rights reserved


Yes, Leeward Miamisburg, Ohio

A band from Ohio composed of Scott Jackson, Donald Wynn, Sam Dickerson, and Christian Stuart.

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Track Name: Analysis on Dying
From the excursion i drive to a world with seemingly nothing to give
with this i decipher a ruthless way to live
once our bodies are not physically fit
do we start to die?

a place where we lose existence based on time
a long-lasting cancer displayed by our skin's decline
a cider in which there is no fine line
between the juice and the vinegar

our adolescence would be very aware
doing anything simply because their decaying self will soon care
once they stop growing, life is but a snare
and struggling only makes it worse

brothers and sisters, do not be mislead
there is no dying, only alive and dead
walk the earth as if there is no end
only then will you be free
Track Name: More Than Friends
i don't recall the first time i saw you but i wish i saw you sooner yes i do
my memory keeps me awake at night so long i figured you dont want to hear me talk to you
and i wish i knew it was worth it
when i look in your eyes i see myself
please take me out of reality
i don't want to argue about the mistakes we've done
we'll be here all night
I'll count on you
just admit that we are more than friends
one time
then you never have to say it again
Track Name: ADHD
my adhd is kicking in
i really need to pay attention
but i really wanna play this guitar
that's what really matters to me now
these songs i play are for attention
otherwise i would play for real
now that i got that off my chest i feel like a man

and i don't know if i like you anymore
and if i don't, then i never did before
and in my room i pray to God that i may tell the truth
if that doesn't work, im going to miss you

you make this city shine so bright
i make this city sad it turns the days to night
do we cancel each other out or do we ignite?
Track Name: Daze
i wish i made my own choices
instead i listen to voices
was always told i'm important
told not to follow myself
i wanna walk on the Appalachian trail
i wanna find out the key to cure what ails
i wanna take all the thoughts inside my head
assemble them in song

follow through with it

am i supposed to be learning?
to get a job and start working?
to live a life full of yearning
for things that could have been?
i wanna find the time to think and sit
i wanna live on the greener side of it
i wanna know what its really like to live
full of harmony

follow through with it

it seems like i'm okay
i know that happiness will fade
its just an artificial daze
my high school feelings go away
there must be more to life than this
a realistic type of bliss
a feeling that i cant resist
i know i followed through with it
Track Name: Worries
i could tell you saw me as a mystery inside of your head
i thought that i could see a secret side of you that you weren't trying to keep
a thought of what i wished you'd be... a thought inside my head

and i can barely keep myself with all my needs
another mouth to feed inside of my house?

i'm immune to the sickness you give off
i'm used to the pain
the damage is taking its toll and these scars wont fade away
another mistake i'm glad that i made
i've learned from them all and i know not to talk to a parasite like you
and most of all

i can barely keep myself with all my needs
another mouth to feed inside of my house?
Track Name: A Catastrophic Passing
there is beauty in the silence
my words will one day be sought
they say ignorance is bliss
and i'm discovering why it's not
we laughed until the light fell
and they called you in for work
'what a catastrophic passing
welcome sickness welcome hurt'
my exaggerated self came from real emotions then
presently i think it comes from all the weather that we're in
it feels robotic to me now, no more sickness, no more pain
i knew all the things i said would probably one day stay the same

it's the late night talks
maybe one text every hour
it's the greetings in the hallway
they make me mask my inner coward
it's the weekends we're alone
it's the weekends we're at home
it's the days we can't decide on what to do or where to go
but i promise i will change, pretty soon we'll be together
i can't change on my own, im dependent on the weather
once the branches turn to green
and the crops begin to grow
in the end i'll never leave, in the end i'll never go
Track Name: Recovery (Julianna's Song)
i lost you on a Saturday night
when the sun went down and the moon went bright
when did i see your face for the very last time?
you moved slow and i moved too fast
honestly i'm surprised we both didn't crash
but the past is behind we should just try to relax
and the pavement was covered in broken glass

eighth grade year we began to talk
and i'm not surprised it didn't last long
cause in ninth grade year you were gone
can't believe that you left so soon
and you forgot to take me with you
its a shame that the same does not apply to you
and it never will apply to you.

gone, withdraws, missing home, i can believe you're
gone, your mom on the lawn, she is wearing out her lungs
and i can't do anything but sit here now you're gone.

faith, i have none, never will, it's sad to say i have no
faith, its a gift, its a leap that i must jump for it is
faith, and since you're gone, i think it might be time to have some faith.

doubt, maybe so, but at least i will not ever show this
doubt, it is from the devil himself, he'll never figure out
that i am to my breaking point this time it's doubt

waiting in this line, its only worse 'cause she is mine
and it's a sickness that i've come to and the symptoms are my pride
and in the casket where she laid, i put a picture that i made for her to see.

and i recovered from those days and maybe it was just a phase but i can promise you, it will go away.